Apps, social intranet, digital Workflows: trends for internal communication

Apps, social intranet, digital Workflows: trends for internal communication

Internal communicators have had an eventful time. The Corona crisis put their communication skills to the test. Despite spiralling events and working from home offices, they had to ensure business operations were as undisturbed as possible. The motto here was above all digitalisation. At the same time, the workforces want more opportunities for personal exchange despite the distance. In this way, the crisis becomes an opportunity. Because both developments are forcing sustainable trends for internal communication:

1. more interaction through the social intranet

The new working conditions mean that previous opportunities for social exchange with colleagues are becoming rarer. But the need for community exists! More and more companies are creating the technical conditions for the necessary interaction. Comment functions under contributions in the intranet, online voting or GDPR-compliant instant messaging for companies offer corresponding forums. In this way, decision-makers not only strengthen ties, they also prevent the emergence of shadow IT. This is because private messengers pose a security risk.

2. improved use of established internal communication channels

Communication departments have a variety of internal communication channels at their disposal. But each channel has its own strengths and weaknesses. While digital communication tools score especially well with real-time messaging, traditional channels also remain relevant. It is crucial that you make optimal use of employee newspapers or newsletters. Controlled by a comprehensive concept for internal communication, the strengths of the communication channels complement each other.

3. support for mobile forms of work

As far as the supply of information is concerned, there used to be a considerable gap in many companies. While colleagues in the administration were optimally connected, non-desk employees complained about delayed messages or the insufficient connection to their team. The balance is now changing: because employees in the home office also want to be connected to their employer without being tied to a specific location. The trend in internal communication is therefore towards the mobile employee app. It combines messaging channels with chats and Workflows.

4. digital Workflows (also with AI support)

Remote working has so far pushed paper-based Workflows such as sick leave, holiday applications or hour bookings to the limit. To stay fit for work, companies are putting these standard processes on a digital platform. Record the information on sick leave via data fields and upload a photo of the document to bridge the gap until the original is submitted: Thanks to the ERP interface, Workflowsoptimised in this way also increases efficiency in the HR department. Artificial intelligence (AI) can answer frequent questions from the employee base. In this way, it additionally relieves the workload on humans.

5. networking instead of isolated solutions

Communication by mail, chats on the same topic, relevant files on the internal sharepoint: employees face a growing number of systems. All of them have to be used to fulfil their tasks. The lack of structure of the information or problems with remote access make efficient work difficult. The trend is towards a terminal-independent platform for internal communication that brings all information together.

Conclusion: Using momentum for sustainable improvements

The trends for internal communication show the direction in which things are heading. The approaches are by no means new. However, they are gaining a much higher priority due to the permanent change in the way many companies work. In the future, management must be able to provide all employees with information without delay. At the same time, mobile employees and colleagues working in shifts have increased expectations of involvement in social exchange. As a communicator, you should use the lessons learned from the crisis and consistently improve internal communication. Convince yourself of the opportunities offered by the MEXS communication platform at a demo meeting.

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