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How to: Optimising the internal communication strategy

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Our everyday life is characterised by rapid developments and constant change. There are now more mobile devices than people on earth and it is impossible to imagine life without the internet. Email, social media, chatbots, newsletters, etc.. A veritable flood of communication tools is available. But how do you use this offer for the benefit of your company? 70% of companies are undergoing a digital transformation. In this age, you must not miss the connection to the mobile revolution and Industry 4.0. Here you can learn how to optimise your internal communication strategy through digitalisation and put this knowledge directly into practice in a worksheet!

Digital communication strategy - what is it?

Not only the communication of machines through IoT or Smart Factory, but also the communication with employees in the company is developing into an independent field of practice. Internal corporate communication or employee communication includes all communicative processes that take place within a company between the employees of all departments and hierarchical levels. The aim is to involve all the communication partners involved, both professionally and socially, in order to create an appropriate information culture and to strengthen motivation. The assumption that messages are received and understood is unfortunately a misconception in everyday corporate life. The employee perspective is a fundamental component of successful internal communication.

The status quo of employee communication

Analyse your current state:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your staff. Are there challenges in everyday communication?
  2. What are the internal problems or dilemmas regarding the communication strategy?
  3. Which tools are used?
  4. Who is my target group?

After you have analysed your current situation in detail and thus identified your pain points (pain points or deficits), nothing stands in the way of formulating your goals.

The secret recipe for efficient employee communication

Finally, you should determine possible solutions for an optimised communication strategy. You can identify these from the pain points because you have previously analysed concrete problems and construction sites. Ask yourself the question: What can realistically be implemented? Here you can question whether your current employee communication corresponds to your corporate goals. Is optimisation enough for you or should you revolutionise internal corporate communication after all? Define the requirements that need to be met and choose your tools accordingly. Here, too, quality is more important than quantity in order to increase the efficiency of employee communication. Quick and easy implementation are essential features of powerful communication tools. They should help you change your communication strategy and not make the process unnecessarily complicated. Encourage a motivated exchange not only within different hierarchical levels, but also between employees themselves and improve your person-to-person communication at the same time.

Do you need help implementing revolutionary employee communication? Download the worksheet on optimising internal corporate communication. See for yourself how low the barriers can be. Increase the accessibility of all employees, including non-desk colleagues, by carrying out three simple tasks. Click here to download the worksheet.