Analyse der internen Mitarbeiterkommunikation

Find out how you performed in the employee communication quiz and how you can optimize your corporate communication.

Your result: mediocre

Your internal communication isn’t optimal, but it’s not bad either. Most employees have access to important information, which is a good start.

What is frustrating is that it can still happen that your information does not reach every colleague or that you do not get it as quickly as desired.

You will occasionally get feedback that not all employees have been picked up or that communication between the departments is not ideal. Some processes within the information exchange should still be optimized. You should reconsider or further expand the use of digitized solutions.

There is still some work to be done, but you are well on the way!

Suggestions for optimized employee communication

  • Increase the availability of your employees through
    real-time solutions such as messaging.
  • Integrate a rights system to display different content for users.
  • Make your content available in different languages.
  • Make usability easier by using efficient communication tools.
  • Read through tips and tricks in our worksheet.