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How do I reach non-desk staff?

Quite simple: digital employee communication

In Germany, motivation is often lacking when it comes to work, according to Spiegel 2020. In times of Corona, work ethic is additionally put to the test. Many of us now only perceive the company through a small screen. The use of private communication channels for work purposes quickly merges the business with the personal. This can quickly lead to listlessness and distraction as the company seems so close yet so far away. Hardly any news and updates, no lively exchange with valued colleagues and yet we often sit in front of the screen for more than 8 hours. Feelings of isolation from the otherwise so present workplace begin to spread. This situation is hopefully only temporary, but it is often the case in production, in the field and with non-desk colleagues. How do we keep people motivated outside the office? Let's rethink employee communication:

The communicative future of the Employee Experience Intranet

A company should not only strengthen the customer experience, but also promote the motivation of its employees to the same extent. More and more employees expect digital possibilities, which are also known from their private environment. Let's focus on non-desk workers, as their accessibility is the biggest hurdle. Think about how you can tailor your intranet to be user-friendly for your employees.

How and when can I reach my non-desk staff?

  • Mobile intranet to the end device
  • Multilingualism
  • Information in real time
  • BYOD

How can I simplify the daily work routine for my employees?

  • Communication and meeting tools
  • Cross-departmental channels and communities
  • Ease of use (e.g. no company mail)
  • Survey options

Identify optimisation paths

In order to promote the satisfaction of your employees, there is no way around optimising your communication strategy. At first glance, this can seem very overwhelming. What steps and tools are necessary for efficient implementation? It is important that you create added value for your employees. Simplify the daily work of your employees and increase their motivation. Actively involve production employees, field staff and non-desk colleagues in employee communication to strengthen team spirit. Only through personalised and relevant contributions do employees feel included and use the opportunities provided. This also reduces the emotional distance of employees who have fewer points of contact with internal communication.

Start by re-evaluating and questioning your current communication strategy. What can you improve and in which areas should experience be gained together with staff?

Our worksheet can help you with this analysis. Print it out and complete the three short tasks to directly track your success.

Use the worksheet to overcome possible structural difficulties by taking simple steps towards an optimised communication strategy. Eliminate all the frustration that has built up due to the sweaty communication before.

And most importantly, have fun communicating in your company!