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Our use cases show you examples of the business challenges we can overcome with the MEXS platform. Every project is different and we look forward to defining your individual requirements and working on your personal solution.

Use cases with MEXS


Digitalisation with Mex's Smart Factory Messenger

Smart Factory

Seamless communication between man and machine

Digitise processes and automate workflows with Smart Service Messenger

Smart Service

Automated service tickets - quick and easy

Company-wide communication

Also in the home office in times of crisis

Mobile task management

Clear distribution of tasks in projects

School Messenger

Simply secure communication between students, parents and teachers

Patient communication

Privacy and data security despite mobile access

Applicant portal

Efficient applicant management for your recruiters

Mobile digital workplace

Location-independent task overview and report entry on the construction site

Employee communication

Rapid flow of information and simplified communication

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Seamless communication between man and machine


Always reacting correctly and quickly in the event of malfunctions in the machinery is crucial for availability and thus profitability. In practice, this is easier said than done. After all, the malfunction message must first be recognised, then the right employee must be found to solve it, and he or she may need another to support him or her. And if there are several messages at the same time, they first have to be prioritised. In today's communication chain, all this is too often cumbersome, lengthy and error-prone.

The smart solution for you

Simple, fast and flexible

Our solution: With the MEXS Smart Factory Messenger, the machine reports faults directly to the right chat group - depending on the alarm code to mechanics, electricians and any other groups. Your employees are alerted via push notification and can react immediately, involve other experts and thus solve the problem quickly. The procedure is very flexible: in principle, all signals of an OPC UA interface can be processed.

Linking different dimensions of a solution process


Nowadays, the service department of a company usually still receives messages by phone, email and - more and more often - by WhatsApp message. In a first step, the communicated problem is then narrowed down and described, which is usually very time-consuming. In most cases, employees even have to create the respective service ticket manually.

Uncomplicated and fast

Best service for your customers

Solution: With the MEXS Smart Service Messenger, employees immediately scan the QR code attached to the defective equipment (e.g. on a machine). This automatically generates a service ticket and shows the "production history", e.g. B. when the equipment was produced (batch number) or how long ago it was last serviced. In addition, the scan process generates its own chat group. Fault reports, chat groups and service tickets are linked to one another. In addition, a bot supports the search for a suitable solution from the knowledge database, which also saves time.

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Do you have questions or would you like to test the MEXS platform free of charge?
We would be happy to advise you on this. Get in touch with us!

Talk to us!

Do you have questions or would you like to test the MEXS platform free of charge?
We would be happy to advise you on this. Get in touch with us!