Analyse der internen Mitarbeiterkommunikation

Find out how you performed in the employee communication quiz and how you can optimize your corporate communication.

Your result: potential for optimization

Your internal communication can still be improved.

Relevant messages are lost or do not reach the right recipients. Tediously formulated messages and information are not retrieved and the availability of non-desk employees is also not ideal.

The exchange of information between employees and departments can still be improved. This dilemma can stand in the way of productivity and undesirably influence the working atmosphere. Imagine the frustration of your employees if you do not receive the invitation to the summer party.

You should definitely focus on expanding employee communication in order to promote the efficiency of the exchange of information and thus improve the working atmosphere at the same time.

Suggestions for optimized employee communication

  • Optimize inefficient communication solutions (emails, letters, printed forms) with digitized processes.
  • Provide access to end devices.
    Rethink bring-your-own-device strategies.
  • Your content should be made available via as many device types as possible.
  • Train your employees to use digital
    communication solutions.
  • Promote information sharing through collaborative tools.
  • Read through tips and tricks in our worksheet.