Flexible and expandable

the mexs platform

With the help of interfaces, our platform allows you to integrate any software that your company already uses and thus not only replace proven systems, but also optimize workflows. The integration of machines is also easily possible via the flexible platform. Your users can reach your app via any device, whether smartphone, tablet or desktop - your application is accessible from anywhere! Collect data in a structured way and evaluate it at a later point in time via "data mining". In this way, medium-sized businesses in particular create a solid data basis for later AI applications and knowledge databases.

Greatest security and control over software and data


On Premise

GDPR-compliant software hosting on your own servers

Today, companies work with various technical solutions to be able to work efficiently. It is essential to maintain control over company-relevant systems in order to be able to function operationally in a future-proof manner.

private cloud

Software hosting with the provider you trust

It is not always necessary to install the software within your own data center. Another option to keep control over your technology as well as have the benefits of managed hosting is offered by private cloud providers. Easy installation with full control over the software.

Find the perfect solution for your business



Use our wide range of widgets and functions

The widgets allow MEXS to be installed out-of-the-box to solve the common workflows of a modern business. Processes already digitized end-to-end and installed and ready to use with minimal effort. Frequently used widgets:
  • Messenger
  • Ticket system
  • Sick note
  • Request for leave
  • File storage

and many more!


Develop additional widgets and connections yourself

The MEXS platform includes a development framework. It is possible to create your own widget, 100% programmable with the advantages of a modern framework. This allows you to access ready-made functions, as well as to easily realize connections to third-party systems via a state-of-the-art API. This makes the development easy and fast.

Our customers have already realized this with the framework:
  • Machine connections
  • Monitoring of operating facilities
  • Task Management
  • Portfolio management
  • Machine/robot control
  • SAP/CRM connection
and much more. You too can get creative!

It could look like this


To give you an impression of the platform, we provide you with a demo webapp with limited functionality. Discover a selection of common widgets via the digital workplace and enter data as you wish. You can't break anything 🙂

Talk to us!

Do you have questions or would you like to test the MEXS platform free of charge?
We would be happy to advise you on this. Get in touch with us!

Talk to us!

Do you have questions or would you like to test the MEXS platform free of charge?
We would be happy to advise you on this. Get in touch with us!