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The MEXS platform offers a comprehensive portfolio of widgets. Put together your app optimally tailored to your company. Adaptations and individualisations are no problem - thanks to the app editor and the development platform. Our extensive features and functions enable you to communicate securely in any form.

Our widgets - extensive and versatile
This is what we have for you

With the MEXS platform, you put together your own app, individually and adapted to the needs of your company. Authorisations are assigned in such a way that everyone can only see and use what they are supposed to. Furthermore, the MEXS platform allows you to integrate interfaces independently, implement new functions and widgets and thus meet any requirements from your company. We support you with workshops and our support to optimally adjust your app.


Personalised start page for you, your employees and the users of your app. Decide for yourself which accesses are quickly available.


The Messenger is the internal chat for your employees, customers and partners. In addition, the chat serves as a transmission tool for service messages.


You can manage files and documents quickly and efficiently via the cloud - on your own servers.


Individual registration, adapted to your requirements. Regulate yourself which data you query and which user roles you assign.


The contact list for companies, managed individually or by interface through your systems.


Create forms and queries that you can send quickly and easily with a click.


The ticket widget for your support or service requests. Shorten your response times.

Sick note

Tedious phone calls and delayed information were yesterday! Receive sickness notifications quickly and securely via app.

Request for leave

Submit, approve and manage holidays efficiently via the app - no problem with the holiday request widget.


With the news widget, you can inform employees, customers or interested parties about current events. You decide who receives which information.


Integrate your Facebook Timeline into your app with the Facebook Widget. This way you maintain the information only once!


Your Youtube videos in your app! Quickly and easily integrated. 


Provide an overview of your locations or show interested parties the way to you. 


Show your users the weather data of your locations conveniently in the app.


Display your individual share performance graphically in your app.
What else you can expect

We place great emphasis on safety


Encrypted communication:
All data and messages in your app are encrypted with 2048 bit (https), as is standard for banking apps. 

Data rights protection:
You build MEXS on your own communication servers and own your own platform. You define the data protection guidelines. You are "master of the data" in your own messaging system thanks to the private cloud!

Available everywhere


Your app on all devices: Your MEXS Messenger app is available for all common end devices. Users can download the app from the AppStore® or Google Play Store® for smartphones and tablets. In addition, you receive a desktop version for Windows and Mac. 

Machine compatibility:
Communication between man and machine is also no problem with the MEXS platform! Once integrated, your app serves, for example, to transmit fault messages from the machine to the responsible persons. 

As flexible as you are


Multi-drive concept:
This concept envisages integrating different data stores and being able to retrieve them in a closed system by means of link posting (the data is not physically transmitted). 

LDAP/Active Directory: Employee data, authorisations and accesses from your existing systems are transferred to your MEXS app via an interface - redundant data maintenance is a thing of the past!

Individual like your business


App editor for your customisations: This tool allows you to individually adapt your app to your design guidelines. You decide yourself what your app should look like. You can also manage user roles and control access and chat permissions yourself.

Development environment: The MEXS platform is also a development environment. Here you develop your app yourself or commission us with individual adaptations. This way, your app is even better adapted to your requirements.

Personalised and customisable


Role-based app: Adapt your app to the needs of your users. User roles are used to tailor the content displayed to the user. Employees, managers and external users are shown specific app content.

User app: Users are assigned to your personal app via registration or your role concept. This makes you addressable - and without a mobile phone number!

Applicable worldwide


Multilingualism: Your MEXS app, as well as the messenger, can be used in different languages. And even better: worldwide communication is significantly facilitated by our translation tool!

Individual templates: Your logo, your company concept or your business areas vary per location? No problem! With the MEXS platform you can easily create different templates with completely different layouts and content.

Talk to us!

Do you have questions or would you like to test the MEXS platform free of charge?
We would be happy to advise you on this. Get in touch with us!

Talk to us!

Do you have questions or would you like to test the MEXS platform free of charge?
We would be happy to advise you on this. Get in touch with us!